5 Best Male Enhancement Pills In 2022 To Increase Size Safely

Over the years, I have tried a number of male enhancement pills. During this tenure, I consumed numerous pills that did not move even an inch of a needle for me when it comes to improving my sexual health.

While other male enhancement pills gave me a gift of some weird side effects that I cannot even list here. As a result, I have tried my personal best to list out some of the best male enhancement pills that actually worked for me.

I have done this because I do not want you to undergo the same stress and anxiety when a male enhancement pill does not work or it affects your health in a negative way.

Hence, here are some of my personal favorite male enhancement pills that have helped me over the years.


Top 5 Best OTC Male Enhancement Pills To Increase Size

  1. Performer 8

    Performer 8 sundropfuelsAs per the official website of Performer 8, it could be regarded as an all-natural male enhancement system prepared with 9 powerful ingredients that could help men improve their overall sexual health and stamina.

    In their claims on the official website, the manufacturer has mentioned that it could improve the flow of blood in your body to help you with arousal and erection. A sufficient supply of blood in your genitals could help you maintain a rock-hard erection for a longer-lasting experience, affirm the makers.

    Not to miss, the claims also include that the ingredients of Performer 8 could revitalize your stamina, strength, and performance while it may also improve the quality of your semen.

    My uncle, who is an active user of Performer8, narrated to me that with its regular usage, he was able to perform like he was 20 again. Their strength and energy helped him in hitting multiple climaxes with his wife.

    Not only his performance was enhanced but his semen volume also increased. He did not feel fatigued anymore and was able to rejuvenate his sex life.

    Having said all that, here is a Performer 8 review of my 45-year-old uncle who has shared his consumption story of using Performer 8.

    You would be able to find out what exactly made him use this substance and what were the changes he was able to observe in his body after the regular consumption.

  1. Male Extra

    Male ExtraThe official website of Male Extra claims that it could be regarded as an herb-based male enhancement product. According to them, it consists of powerful combinations of 7 herbs from different parts of the world.

    The makers claim that 5 out of its 7 ingredients are unique as no other male enhancement product in the market is prepared with them. Making Male Extra a unique and effective product.

    As per the manufacturers of Male Extra, it could help in getting a bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erection to fulfill your orgasm. It may also help maximize your stamina and ace your performance.

    The website states that natural aphrodisiacs involved in the manufacturing process of Male Extra could boost your libido and maintain the effectiveness of your sexual desire for a longer period.

    The presence of Niacin, Vitamin B could help in inducing more nitric oxide in the body. This could increase the flow of blood and supply more blood to your penis.

    My brother was able to overpower his weak erections and premature ejaculation using Male Extra. He regularly consumes this product to maintain its effects on his sex life.

    His long-lasting performance and ability to satisfy his girlfriend helped him in boosting his self-confidence. He mentions that his stamina and energy are increased, enhancing his performance.

  1. Viasil

    ViasilAs per the official website, Viasil is developed by the Swiss Research Labs. They claim that it is a male potency formula that may help in enhancing your performance naturally.

    They also mentioned that the consumption of Viasil as directed could help you with improved sexual performance and a long-lasting experience.

    The manufacturers of Viasil claim that the natural ingredients were considered in its development. They also affirm that it may also help you in enhancing your overall confidence in bed.

    The text present on the official website also mentions that the natural ingredients considered are safe for your consumption in most cases. As per its makers, it may help your body with enhanced absorption of the nutrients required to trigger your hormones.

    Further, this could help you with the powerful and rock-hard erections. They also say that a powerful erection may enhance the pleasure levels of your partner.

    The official website of Viasil claims about the use of several natural ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Pomegranate, etc.

    They also claim that these ingredients may help in improving the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). The enhanced levels of ATP could help you with increased strength and power.

    Apart from enhancing your sexual performance, Viasil consumption as directed may help you in dealing with the angst spiral which could have been one of the reasons behind your performance lag.

  1. Max Performer

    MAX PERFORMERThe official website of Max Performer says that it is manufactured by Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd. They also claim that its consumption could help you with powerful and intense orgasms.

    The manufacturers also affirm that its consumption could help you by improving your libido levels. Further, it may also help you in dealing with sexual drawbacks such as erectile dysfunction.

    Along with the libido levels, as per its makers, this could also enhance your testosterone levels. Further, it may improve your overall strength as per the properties of Maca.

    They also claim the use of several natural ingredients which are also rich in antioxidants. These could help you in experiencing new levels of ecstasy while in bed.

    It consists of ingredients such as Horny Goats Weed, Maca, Red Korean Ginseng, Cordyceps, Bioperine, Selenium, Zinc, etc. The manufacturers claim that they have aphrodisiac properties.

    Apart from improving your libido and testosterone levels. As per its makers, the regular consumption of Max Performer as directed could help you in dealing with the stress and overcome your mental health issues.

    As a result, you may experience elevated confidence and performance stamina in bed. With this, you could spend more time with your partner.

  1. VigRX Plus

    VigRXplusIn their claims on the official website of VigRX Plus, Leading Edge Health Inc. who are the manufacturers mention that it is one of the substances that might improve your erections whenever you want.

    Also, as per them, your libido levels and sexual desire could also see an improvement with regular consumption.

    On the other hand, there are high chances that you may have better control over your erections. As a result, you may be able to ejaculate the load whenever you want.

    Having said all that you could also see huge orgasms and their frequency may also see an amplification.

    Not to miss, on the ingredients part, the manufacturers claim that they have also used Bioperine. This could help in improved metabolism and may as well assist you in enhancing the nutrient absorption capabilities of your body.

    Hence, your body may be able to fulfill the nutritional deficiency gaps and ultimately there are high chances that you may be able to perform better.

    On top of this, when and if someone uses VigRX, it also tries to improve the nitric oxide levels of the body. This may as well enhance blood circulation. As a result, you could say that your erection may as well see an improvement due to the increased nitric oxide levels as well.

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What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

If you are interested in male-enhancement pills, you might want to know that most of the manufacturers who manufacture these substances might claim that these male enhancement pills are formulated in a way to benefit the size and girth of your penis.

They also claim that these pills may enable the consumer in improving overall sexual health naturally. When the official websites of these products claim all these changes, they also mention that the pills have been manufactured using natural ingredients.

On the other hand, these pills may as well improve the blood flow to the penile area. As a result, you may feel improved erections.

The other claim could be a considerable improvement in testosterone levels as well. Hence, you could say that they may also try to improve another aspect of your overall body.

Not to miss, there are a number of manufacturers who claim that their pill will be able to treat erectile dysfunction. On erectile dysfunction, you could say that it is an increasingly common condition in men according to this article.

But the treatment of erectile dysfunction should be carried out by a health professional only with the usage of prescription medication. I would highly recommend that you do not turn yourself towards any of the so-called “magical pills” by any of the manufacturers.

Also, some of these pills also use ashwagandha or red Asian ginseng. This may as well enable a stress-free and relaxed mood so that it could result in a decent performance in bed.

I would also recommend that you read this FDA article that warns consumers to stay away from pills sold on amazon and eBay. As they might have hidden drugs that could potentially harm your overall health.

Additionally here is a list of tainted list of substances from the FDA.

How Do Natural Male Enhancement Pills Work?

When it comes to the working functionality of natural male enhancement pills, I was able to observe that ingredient used in the manufacturing process play a major role. As it could be consumed to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the body.

Generally speaking, one of the primary ingredients used while manufacturing is ashwagandha. Its addition could help you in enhancing your testosterone levels naturally.

When it comes to my experience, I was able to observe that, the male enhancement pills that I was consuming helped me with the improved levels of libido and ignite my sexual desires in bed.

On top of that, when my natural testosterone levels were back to normal, they also helped me enhance my gym sessions with enhanced energy levels and improved stamina.

Another ingredient that might play a major role in improving the libido levels through the course of its consumption. Further, it could also enhance your sexual desires with your partner.

The regular consumption of Maca Root supplementation might help you with the improved levels of sperm concentration. It could also help in making them more fertile.

Ginger extract is one of the ingredients mainly used in Male Enhancement Pills, its consumption could help you by increasing your testosterone levels. Further, it could help you by reducing your oxidative stress.

Ingredients In Natural Male Enhancement Pills

  • Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha was considered in one of the Male Enhancement Pills I tried. This helped me in enhancing my testosterone levels.
    Further, it helped also played a major role in improving my libido levels and that resulted in igniting my sexual desires in bed. Its consumption also enhanced my gym sessions with improved stamina.

    Related info here.

  • Maca Root

    This ingredient was present in one of the Male Enhancement Pill I consumed when I hopped on one health support substance through the internet.
    Its regular consumption helped me with the elevation in my libido levels. Further, it also helped me by enhancing my sexual desires with my partner.
    Later in the course of consumption, it also worked in improving my sperm concentration. This led to making them more fertile.

  • Ginger Extract

    It helped me in improving my overall testosterone levels. That I kept checking through the course of its supplementing.
    This played a major role in dealing with the psychological stress that was now my companion with my altered lifestyle. This gave me the ability to detoxify and helped me in repairing several physical damages.

  • Yohimbe Extract

    Once I was having the initial symptoms of erectile dysfunction. I found a Meal Enhancement Pill on the internet. Their primary ingredient was Yohimbe extract.
    This African health substance helped me in dealing with erectile dysfunction. Further, it also helped me in enhancing my overall strength and gave me the ability to perform better than before in bed.

There are a number of other ingredients such as black ginger which also might be able to help in improving sexual health.
More about the same has been discussed here in this governmental article.

Things That I Consider When Considering A Male Enhancement Pill

  • Inclusion Of Natural Ingredients

    As I went on the internet to research the usage of Male Enhancement Pills. I found several enhancements that claim that they are manufactured from natural ingredients.

    But when I looked closer, they added a number of synthetic substances as well. This was really a red signal for me. Hence, I tried my best to stay away from those types of male enhancement pills.

    I was mainly searching for the Male Enhancement Pill manufactured by considering the natural ingredients like flax seeds. As my trainer told me that it could help in enhanced levels of absorption of the nutrients that are required by my body.

  • Clear Labelling On Product

    I was making sure that I could consume safe and minimal processed food. As my trainer once told me that the consumption of artificial products and enhancement pills containing artificial additives might affect my overall stored stamina and could be fatal.

    As a result, I removed all the male enhancement pills that have added a proprietory blend to the ingredients list.

  • Read Number Of Reviews

    Last but not the least, I used to go through a number of reviews. I will try my best to read as much as possible when it comes to knowing more about the product.

    Only after thoroughly checking the reviews, I used to go ahead with the consumption of pills.

Risks And Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills

I still remember the first time, when I was considering the Male Enhancement Pills to consume for enhancing my overall strength.

Hence, I consulted a nutritionist. He advised that there could be several side effects through the course of its consumption. Out of curiosity, I went on the internet and searched about the.

There were plenty of recommendations across the internet. For a few months, I decided that I will try and consume a few Male Enhancement Pills available.

Hence, I started purchasing these pills one by one and began consuming them every day. I hoped that it could work on my body as I desire to enhance my overall strength.

During these 4-5 months of initial usage, I got to know about some pills that actually worked for me. On the other hand, a few of them gave me side effects as well.

This is when I shortlisted a few of them that actually worked for me and I made sure that I am consuming them on regular basis. When I used to observe positive benefits, then I also used to take help from other natural aspects as well.

For example, I read on the internet that leg workouts might enhance healthy movement patterns. Afterward, I started doing leg workouts daily.

Along with the consumption of Male Enhancement pills, I performed leg workouts daily in the gym every day for three weeks. This generally worked for me in terms of improving my sexual health.

At the same time, I used to be in touch with my nutritionist as well. He used to guide me as per my body requirements.

He suggested considering foods like ginger, oyster, leafy green vegetables, plant milk, fish oil, etc might help in fulfilling the requirements.

His instructions also included that I should always cook my food in healthy cooking oil.

According to him, These could also promote the working of the Male Enhancement Pill and help my body in fulfilling the nutritional requirements.

With this, I also had stopped consuming soda that might affect my energy in the gym. Along with this, I have started reducing my smoking habits.

As I read on the internet that cigarette smoking could affect my breathing and might also reduce my overall stamina. The same has been said here, in this article.

Not to miss, I also educated myself on what prevents vitamin d absorption. This has also benefited my body quite a bit in maintaining overall health.

Having said all that, I made sure that I brought about all these changes in my daily lifestyle. As a result, the consumption of the above male enhancement pills did not lead to any kinds of side effects.

The ones that affected my health in any way are not included in the list above.

Frequently Asked Questions On Male Enhancement Pills

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

The regular consumption of the Male Enhancement pill as directed by your medical professional or the manufacturer could work as per your body’s requirements.

They might try to fulfill the deficiencies that your body might have.

The working of the Male Enhancement Pill might also depend on your lifestyle. This could work more efficiently with the increased overall movement of your body.

Not to miss, the inclusion of high protein low calorie foods may as well boost or balance your natural hormone levels as well. That may ultimately improve your overall sexual performance as well.

In my personal experience, I also made sure that I am living a stress-free and relaxed life. This not only helped improve my overall mood but also helped in maintaining a proper hormonal level.

Hence, you could say that there are several factors considered to begin with the consumption of the Male Enhancement Pill such as performance anxiety, stress related to that, etc.

These performance enhancement pills might play a major role in dealing with genital problems such as Erectile Dysfunction. It could enhance your overall blood flow around your lower body.

When it comes to the erectile dysfunction issue, I was also diagnosed with the same. I have covered my experience in a step-by-step manner in this Viasil review as well.

In an overall manner, I try to make sure that I am keeping a healthy lifestyle so that I do not lay much stress on my body and mind.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

Personally speaking, the substances that I have listed above did not I’ve me any side effects. Having said that, there is absolutely no guarantee that what worked for me will work for you as well.

Hence, it becomes even more important that you take medical advice from a medical professional who is a specialist in this field. By doing so you will be making sure that you are away from the unsafe pills.

I say so because there are a number of pills that are listed on the internet that could be unsafe, untested, and not at all regulated. Hence, you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself away from those pills.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills Supposed To Do?

Generally speaking, when it comes to FDA-approved substances like Viagra, the working functionality depends on improving the blood flow.

When and if one consumes these, you may feel a relaxation of muscles and arteries. As a result, there are high chances that your penial area may be able to maintain the proper blood flow required for a proper erection.

Hence, when your body feels the arousal the combination of relaxation and increased blood flow might help in maintaining a decent erection.

Having said all that, no medication or substance should be consumed without taking help from a medical professional.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills?

Like any other medication, along with the benefits, there are side effects also attached with the consumption of the Male Enhancement pills as in to recharge your overall body functions.

Here we have discussed some of the side effects that could affect your lifestyle.

The regular consumption of the Male Enhancement Pills might damage your urethra which could result in affecting the process of excretion in your daily life.

While in bed, you might experience short-term erections and this could make you more stressed and have difficulty maintaining erections.

Throughout the day, you could also feel the pain and irritation while urinating. This might further affect your kidney function.

Along with this, at times you might also experience bleeding from your penis area. This could result in penis fractures.

This might also affect your blood circulation across limbs and other vital organs. It could result in a severe drop in blood pressure levels.

Final Words On Best Male Enhancement Pills For The Year 2023

If you are concerned about your sex life, you should consult a doctor before you start consuming any kind of male enhancement product. There are a number of medications available that can increase both length and girth.

At the same time, if you are looking to consider using natural ways, you might want to try these foods to boost male fertility.

Not to miss, I also avoided using some of the worst cooking oils for my health.

If you take a product that does not work right away, you could potentially suffer from side effects. Male enhancement products are often able to give men the extra boost they need to last longer in bed, as well as help them have more intense sex.

Having said all that, you might want to note that it is not necessary that if a particular substance worked for me then that substance will also show positive results to you.

As a result, it becomes even more important that you take professional help whenever there are any medical issues.